Birthday Wishes to the King of the Kingdom of Lesotho

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17 July marks the birthday of King of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Motlotlehi Letsie III. The MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Mrs Limakatso Mahasa, extends her best wishes to the King, Rabasotho, on this special day.

The cultural and linguistic umbilical cord that connects Basotho in Lesotho and the Free State is historical and undisputable. This historical connection has been sustained into modern times through various initiatives and ties at the level of national and provincial government. The Free State Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, has over the years implemented the following programmes which embodies the spirit of partnership between Basotho on both side of the border:

  • Basotho New Year celebration is staged in Qwa Qwa annually on the 1st of August as a celebration of Basotho culture and history. This celebration is consistently graced by Basotho from Lesotho on an annual basis;
  • The Use of Free State Official Languages Act of 2003 recognizes Sesotho as the most spoken language and thus the first official language of the Free State;
  • Basotho Cultural Village (BCV), a living museum in Qwa Qwa, was established as a reservoir for the preservation of Basotho culture, traditions and history. This institution is a tourist attraction 1and attracts a high number of tourists from different parts of the globe; and
  • Sporting events such as the International Cross-Border Mountain Cycling is graced by cyclists from both sides of the border.

As we celebrate this special day of the descendent of the pioneer of the Baotho Nation, Morena Moshoeshoe wa Basotho, as the Free State we pride ourselves for continuing to carry and promote the legacy and heritage of this Nation through the above and various other initiatives.

“O hole empa o seke wa kgokgoba Rabasotho! Continue to lead your Nation with pride and dignity and may the Basotho Nation prosper under your guidance and wisdom”, stated MEC Limakatso Mahasa.

Issued by the Free State Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation (DSACR)

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