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The Member of the Executive Council (MEC) for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation in the Free State Province – Mrs. Limakatso Mahasa – joins the throngs of South Africans in congratulating the Springboks in their magnificent and heartwarming victory in the 2019 Rugby World Cup tournament.

Undoubtedly, this tournament was one of the most anticipated, highly contested and intensely competitive world sport events. The entire country has been on the tenterhooks for several months in anticipation of the third victory of our national rugby team in this world sport tournament. We celebrate the leadership of the first black captain of the Springboks – Siya Kolisi – as he led his soldiers to victory at the global stage.

“It is our desire, our hope and indeed our belief that this national victory at the level of sport will contribute towards the solidifying of our efforts towards nation building and social cohesion which our Constitution, the National Development Plan and other pieces of legislation mandates us to strive for. Our boys have made us proud on an international stage with millions if not billions watching. We have shown our resilience and tenacity when we pull together as South Africans united in our diversity,” stated Mrs. Limakatso Mahasa.

The 1995 victory was just after the democratic breakthrough in our country as epitomized by the first democratic post-apartheid general elections of 1994 which ushered in the presidency of our late Former President - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. He stood firmly behind the Springboks and used his moral appeal to motivate the Springboks to victory. For him this victory was one of the issues he could use in his mission to rally the country around the goal of social cohesion and nation building. In his honour, therefore, a third World Cup victory of Amabokoboko is befitting.

Having won the cup in 1995 and in 2007, and with their recent spirited performance against world rugby giants such as New Zealand, the hopes, desires and beliefs of the nation in the prospects of the Springboks’ victory were not without any basis. The boys worked very hard for this victory from the word go. “I call upon the sport fraternity in the Free State Province and the general population of our beautiful province to continue to rally behind Amabokoboko and all our provincial and national teams,” concluded Mrs. Limakatso Mahasa.

Issued by the Free State Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation (DSACR)

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